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2014-2015 SHMS Dress Code Guidelines
8th Grade Supply List
7th Grade Supply List
6th Grade Supply List
Open House

School Events
7/28/2014 to 7/31/2014
•  Practice helmets and shorts 5:00-6:30
•  Practice 5:00-6:30

Sports Events
7/28/2014 to 7/31/2014
•  Official Practice Shorts and Helmets 5:00-6:30  (Football)
•  Practice 5:00-6:30  (Football)
8/4/2014 to 8/7/2014
•  Practice 3:30-5:00  (Football)
Student Receives Gold Ranking on Supervised Agricultural Experience Project
Each 9 weeks students have to complete a Supervised Agricultural Experience Project (SAE) that consists of 9 hours of work in...

Rebel Boys Soccer Players Win Region Tournament!!!!   

Micah Brown wins Spelling Bee!!   
Micah Brown participated in the county-wide Spelling Bee last week against area elementary and middle school students and won!...

2014 Rebel Soccer Team   
Congratulations to the following boys… they are the 2014 Rebel soccer team. Bennett, Rabun Bennett, Steven Chastain,...

6th Grade Scientists   
Students in Mrs. Crowe and Mrs. Dooley's 6th grade Science classes have been working on metric measurements of volume,...

6th Grade Math Students Hands On Activities   
6th graders in Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Crowe, and Mrs. Zaboroskie's classes compared, ordered, and found equivalent fractions using...

1st Annual Rebel Challenge   
The 1st Annual Rebel Challenge took place on Friday, September 6th. The Rebel Challenge was a test of perserverance and dedication....

Middle School Volleyball Team   
This picture was taken at our 2013 Preseason Jamboree at Gainesville Middle School. Front row left: Rachel Smith, Haley...

Students Use iPads to Practice Globe and Map Skills   
Students in Ashleigh Burke and Tracy Allison's 6th grade social studies class use iPads to participate in a globe and...

Tip for Parents   
Confidence Rises As You Place Faith, Value in Your TeenTeenagers need the opportunity to contribute to their families. And they...