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Addison, BJ Assistant Principal
Penick, Daphne Principal

Adams, Emily Special Education
Armour, Ginger Business and Computer Science Teacher
Barnes, Dannelle 6th Grade Language Arts
Bogue, Heather Media Specialist
Burke, Ashleigh 8th Grade Georgia Studies
Cantrell, Michelle ESOL
Chambers, Stacy 6th Grade and 6th Grade Jr. Honors/Advanced
Chapman, Dena Special Education
Charles, Cheree' 7th Grade Math
Conort, Leah Special Education
Crawford, Mandee Counselor
Crowe, Alysia 6th Grade Science
Dailey, Kimberli Academic Coach
Ezuka, Jill 8th Grade Georgia Studies
Geiger, James Band
Gough, Lori Art
Greer, Charlotte Gifted Math
Gunn, Pamela 7th Grade ELA/7th Gifted Social Studies
Holbrook, Jennifer 6th Grade ELA/Science
Huntington, Sherril ESOL
Johnson, Nic Chorus/Drama
Keef, Christy PE/Health
Krippner, John Physical Education/Health Teacher
LaPierre, Donna Interrelated 7th Grade Science and Social Studies/Math
Ledford, Katherine 7th Grade Math & Science
Manley, Crissy 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies
McQuaig, Shelly Agriculture
Mealor, Hope Special Education Department Head
Means, Tracey Special Education
Miller, Donna 8th Grade Science
Morris, Pete ELA/Reading Support
Nichols, Kasey 6th Grade Math
Reed, Rachel Special Education
Smith, Holly 7th and 8th Grade Jr. Honors ELA
Steele, Sam 8th Grade Science
Sutton, BJ 7th Grade Science
Thomas, Leigh 6th Grade Language Arts
Trent, Cristie Math Support
Wallace, Melinda 8th Grade Language Arts
Wallace, Ric Technology Education
White, Melissa Special Education
Zaboroskie, Dale 7th Grade Social Studies & ELA
Zaboroskie, Nora 8th Grade Math

Arriaga, Tiffani Paraprofessional
Blakely, Christy Nurse
Boelter, Donna Media Center Clerk
Boyd, Richard Custodian
Bradley, Kim Front Office Receptionist
Cain, Tammy Food Service
Clarke, Tracey Paraprofessional
Collins, DJ Paraprofessional
Gaspar, Jose Paraprofessional
Gonzalez, Maria Parental Involvement Coordinator
Jones, Natasha Food Service
Key, Nancy Food Service
Mason, Josh Custodian
Mayfield, Patrick School Resource Officer
Nichels, Hannah Food Service
Teague, Shari Bookkeeper
Tinoco, Maria Paraprofessional
Underwood, Rebecca Paraprofessional
Welborn, Janice Cafe' Manager
Wolcott, Sandi Custodian