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Media Center Collection
Destiny Quest: Media Center Catalog

Epic! FREE eBooks

Create a free user account on this web site to gain access to thousands of high quality, free eBooks.

Media Center Standards
Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Student Resources
Study Island

Write to Learn


Google Drive

Students may click this link to access their Google Drive accounts.  If a student needs a username/password, please see Mrs. Bogue in the media center.

Students have access to Google docs (like Microsoft Word), Slides (like Powerpoint), and many other FREE add-ons.  Some useful add-ons are:

WeVideo--Video editor/creator similar to iMovie

Cacoo--Mindmapping app

Tag Cloud Generator--Creates a word cloud from a google doc


Videos and interactive content for all subject areas.  Please see Mrs. Bogue in the media center for username and password information.

USA Test Prep



Cool Math

General Research Resources
Galileo: Georgia's Virtual Library

MLA Format & Style Guide

Insta Grok

This research site allows you to view and expand search results in a bubble map format.  Delve deeper and narrow down a topic as you click on different portions of the map.

Encyclopedia Britannica Middle School

Resources for Projects

Flip Book Creator

ToonDoo: Comic Strip Creator


Create speaking avatars to share information about a topic.


Create talking photos and slideshows.


Create animated videos and presentations

Live Binder

Create a virtual notebook with interactive components as a project.


Use this website to create a word cloud.  The more times a word is used in your list, the larger it will appear.  You can customize color, font, etc.

Story Bird

Create a childrens book from available images on this website.  You are the author!

Letters for the Future

Use this website to write a letter to your future self and have it delivered on a specific date.  This would be a great project idea if you are studying about a historical event.  You could take on the persona of a person during that time period and write a letter to the future describing what your life was like.  Have it delivered to your teacher on the due date!


Create a virtual time capsule with video, images, sound, etc.

Poster My Wall

Create a printable poster.  A lot of great backgrounds and images are available.


Use this website to create your own song.


Create posters, flyers, and more on this easy to use free resource.

Teacher Resources
Smart Exchange



Best of the Best: Top 100 Web Resources for Educators

Discovery Education Streaming



Paper "clickers" that allow you to assess and collect student answers instantly.

iTunes U

Largest repository of FREE educational materials.  You can use existing materials or create your own courses.


Generate vocabulary lists from any document.  Vocuabulist will "pull" key words and definitions from text to create a custom vocabulary list.  Integrates with Quizlet.

USA Test Prep